33 years of photography of daily life, events, and rituals of

American Life in one town from 1982-2015

A little history

What started as an art school assignment 33 years ago slowly evolved and became a long term project of photographing the daily lives in the town where I grew up and still reside. I remember being somewhat jealous of my classmates because they all lived in the city with lots of things to photograph while I had only a quiet sleepy town. Yet, what struck me was something my teacher said, "You can travel the world over photographing exciting things, but a skilled photographer can find material right in their own backyard." This is what resonated and encouraged me to look, observe, and to ultimately learn how to see and interpret what was right before me.

I had no intention of spanning this project across half of my life, but it never seemed finished, so I continued to learn and grow as a photographer. I studied with luminary photographers Mary Ellen Mark, Eugene Richards and Ernesto Bazan who all pushed me hard to go beyond description and tell a deeper more complex story in a mere moment.  

Something unexpected has happened as well.

 Over this particular course of time photography has evolved at a speedy rate. We have gone from large heavy cameras, to smaller, faster ones, and from film to digital. My project has become an interesting look at the evolution of photography. I have used 7 cameras, 5 types of film, and an iPhone.

With the project completed, I am onto the stage of raising money and printing a beautiful color and black and white book worthy of this little slice of time in my hometown's history, in the evolution of photography, and in the journey of my life as an artist.  This is my homage to my Hometown.