"The Connoisseur" by Michael A Lang

Size of the print: 12 x 18"

Year: 2015

Location: Whitney Museum

Paper type: Museo Silver Rag



Lang's interest in photography began at 14. He joined Baltimore’s Temple Camera Club, an advanced group of amateur photographers. There he was mentored in composition and photographic technique, and soon began earning awards for his photographs. Lang's  interests were soon directed toward the photo-essay and street photography. He found that through the photographic medium, he was able to communicate and express himself, especially that which he found interesting in the world around him. Land has learned to be largely unobtrusive to those being photographed, allowing him to gain a closeness and intimacy with my subjects. It is also possible that the effect of his long-standing disability (paraplegia due to polio) elicits some gaze aversion. He is currently a member of Touchstone Gallery, Washington, DC and the faculty of Photoworks at Glen Echo Park, Maryland.