"Performed Friendship" by Ralf Diemb

Size of the print: 25 x 25 cm 

Year: 2014

Location: Istanbul / Eminönü

Paper type: Satin FINEART pigment ink printed - 190g



I was born in Suhl / Germany in 1942 and started photographing in 1980. My intention has always been to document the everyday life in the streets of a city - mostly spontaneous and often without being noticed – the faces of people who I meet, emotional situations caught by my eyes, extraordinary events that sometimes give me information about a whole life. I’m highly interested in social interactions and human living conditions. I’m not keen on taking pictures of tourist attractions – my target is to create  a world of pictures that gives to the beholder the feeling and the wish to find his own story to the content of the photo he/she is just looking at. I try to make ordinariness sparkle like a light that entices people to reflect, to smile and to use their fantasy.